Loved this piece from this week’s SMH ‘Health & Science’ section!!

So true…kindness begets kindness.

Quick story for you – I flew back from Melbourne the other week on the usual ‘6.30pm tired and grumpy execs’ flights. Everyone buried in their phones with a generally tense, slightly stroppy vibe, you may know it well? Whilst the man in front tutted and harrumphed at me accidentally knocking his arm, my soon-to-be neighbour cracked a joke, jumped up and like a miracle worker rearranged the overhead lockers and popped my bags up for me. I was SO appreciative of this small act of compassion, the consequence of which was not only an immediate lift in spirits for me, but even better – it seemed to start a small chain reaction of goodwill from those in the rows around us, bringing out more patience, smiles and thoughtfulness from many.

Compassion inspires compassion, it brings out the best. It takes one person to start a movement – make a change to your own happiness and others’ by looking for an opportunity, no matter how small, to bring a smile to someone’s face.