Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to understand more about the validity and reliability of the instrument. Is it psychometrically sound? Is it approved/endorsed by any independent institutions?

Scientific rigour is one of our founding principles. The GLWS has a strong psychometric foundation, having been developed by two registered psychologists, one of whom is an associate fellow of the BPS and a chartered occupational psychologist, the other of whom is a registered organisational psychologist with the APS.  Both began their careers in psychometric assessment and best practice test design; one was supervised by Professor Peter Saville (author of the OPQ and many other world-renowned psychometric assessments).

The psychometric analysis of the GLWS has been independently verified by Ian Kendall, who is an internationally-recognised authority on psychometric assessment and reporting, senior author of the Australian Psychological Society’s Supplementary Guidelines for the Use of Psychological Tests and author of Kendall’s Australian Directory: A Comprehensive Directory of Occupational and Vocational Tests, Inventories and Organisational Survey Questionnaires.

We publish our reliability and validity data and we’re only too happy – and proud! – to share the detailed psychometric properties of the GLWS for anyone who is interested.

(An important sidenote is that validity analysis is handled differently when measuring a dynamic and subjective construct like wellbeing, as opposed to most other psychological traits which tend to be more stable. Details are outlined in the document).

While Universities don’t endorse commercial instruments (unless they are their own), we have strong relationships with several, as guest lecturers for Masters of Org Psychology and MBA students. We are also invited speakers on wellbeing measurement for APS coaching and organisational psychology interest groups.

Over the years, we have also presented our GLWS research as conference papers at the Australian Psychological Society, British Psychological Society, Association of Business Psychologists, the International Coaching Federation and the World Congress of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

What do the Accreditation Levels mean? Can I purchase the GLWS after Level 1 or do I need to undertake Level 2?

There are two levels of GLWS accreditation which you can choose from, based on your intended use of the GLWS. Level 1 provides accreditation in, and access to, the GLWS Personal Wellbeing Report.  This is suitable for Coaches who intend on using the GLWS in 1:1 interventions.  The GLWS and the Personal Wellbeing report can be purchased after completing Level 1. 

Level 2 accreditation is not compulsory.

Level 2 extends accreditation to use of the GLWS Team and Group Report and is designed for Coaches who are engaged in wellbeing interventions across Teams/Groups within an organisation (for example leadership teams) and are interested in generating a report to analyse trends across these cohorts.  The Group report is particularly useful to Coaches who conduct workshops and organisations who are interested in assessing pre- and post- intervention impact.

What is the cost of Accreditation?

Accreditation is available via face-to-face or online e-learning options. Visit the Accreditation page for all course details and dates.

How much does the GLWS cost?

The pricing of the GLWS is based on a volume discount structure, where once a certain volume is reached, a discount is applicable. 

It is important to note that the volume is cumulative (i.e. reports do not need to be purchased all at once) and once a certain discount level is reached, it does not expire or reset. 

Price lists are available for each country, which outline the price per unit and the volume discount structure.  Please contact us for a copy of the price list suitable for your location. 

How does the process work for my coaching clients?
Completing the GLWS is a simple and fast online process for a client.  When a Coach actions a GLWS for their client, their client (the respondent) receives an email with a secure link and invitation to complete the GLWS at their convenience.

As part of their Accreditation, Coaches also receive a Respondent Briefing document which they may like to share with their clients, explaining more information about the GLWS, its’ relevance and importance in understanding one’s wellbeing.  For many people, the process of even completing the survey proves to be powerful, stimulating reflection and deep thought even before the coaching session.

Once the client has completed their GLWS, the Coach receives an email with a secure link to download their client’s report.  The Coach can then share this report with their client in the context of a debrief/coaching session.

Working through the GLWS Personal Wellbeing report together provides an extremely powerful, revelatory process, which fast-tracks the coaching conversation and helps to pinpoint the areas where focus is most needed.

What other support in terms of material/resources/research are available?

Once Accredited, coaches become members of our GLWS Accredited Community, which includes access to a dedicated, private website (MyGLWS) for our Accredited Coaches.  This is an invaluable source of material and coaching resources, which we update continuously, and which Coaches love for the wealth of deep information and resources.

Is the accreditation a one off or do I need to become “re accredited” every year?

Accreditation is a one-off requirement and does not expire.