Gerard Penna – international facilitator, coach, author and speaker

Gerard’s areas of expertise include leadership, strategy, transformation, change and executive wellbeing. His purpose is to challenge and support leaders and teams to develop to their full potential and achieve remarkable results. Gerard has over 30 years of work experience and research in psychology, education, strategy, and business, and he has coached, trained, and evaluated thousands of leaders – so you could say he knows a thing or two that we could learn from!

Gerard has been an early adopter and supporter of GLWS from the start.

“By using the GLWS survey to inform the design of high impact wellbeing development sessions, the value for participants and their organisations is increased. This can help participating leaders maintain sustainable high performance, especially when experiencing higher demand on their personal resources”.

Gerard Penna – international facilitator, coach, author and speaker

Specifically, we asked Gerard to tell us about how he used GLWS as part of a leadership development and talent acceleration program, for finance leaders from around the globe in BHP Billiton.

We were so excited when he told us that ‘the wellbeing sessions were rated the highest by finance leaders at BHP Billiton’.

The BHP Billiton leaders described the wellbeing sessions as ‘the most relevant and meaningful to me as a leader’ of all the components in the emerging leaders program. The wellbeing component involved their completion of the GLWS, group and individual debriefs, as well as in-depth discussion and practical instruction on key themes emerging from the GLWS. The 4-day workshop covered a range of leadership topics including Wellbeing know-how sessions that addressed mindfulness, managing performance tension, resilience, sleep, exercise, nutrition and yoga.

Notably, when asked what aspects of the Wellbeing component were most valuable, a number of participants identified the GLWS, citing its value as providing tangible material to work on which enabled a depth of probing on specific areas of wellbeing that can be improved.

Gerard Penna
International facilitator, Coach, Author and Speaker