Andrea Pearman, General Manager, Marketing & Community, Australia Post

As both the leader and a participant on the GLWS program, I found the experience an extremely valuable and empowering one. Like many, our workplace is undergoing significant change with challenging deadlines and stretched resources. The team I lead have a strong performance culture and track record however there is an ongoing risk of burn out and decreasing motivation due to the environment. The goal for participation in the GLWS was to help people take control of, and accountability for, their own wellbeing and to build skills in effectively managing themselves and how they support their teams.
“The combination of one on one GLWS debriefing, coaching and team events has been particularly effective. Individuals have set their own wellbeing goals with consideration to both home and work and contributed to how the whole team can lift their wellbeing and support each other. The response from team members has been incredibly positive and we have all walked away with practical tools and strategies we can apply immediately.”
“I would highly recommend GLWS for a team or for individual leaders seeking to improve wellbeing, productivity and performance. Personally, it has helped me be a happier person and more effective leader. As a team we are more positive, resourceful, closer and more willing to take personal accountability for addressing things that affect our wellbeing.

– Andrea Pearman, General Manager, Marketing & Community, Australia Post