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Use GLWS to fast track deeper, more meaningful conversations about wellbeing with your clients

Organisations are increasingly concerned with workplace wellbeing and its effect on their performance and productivity. They expect their coaches to have expertise in the field. 

Based on rigorous research and a combined 50+ years of psychology and executive coaching experience at the highest levels, GLWS gives you the tools you need to understand exactly what’s shaping any professional’s ability to perform and stay at their best – at work and in their personal lives.

Start a different conversation about wellbeing with your clients today.

While your clients might not always present with an explicit wellbeing concern, it’s often lurking under the surface as a major issue impacting their performance, behaviour and potential for development.

GLWS helps you to delve into the good, the bad, the ‘silent’ and the ugly while supporting your clients to explore what’s holding them back.

It allows you to expedite insights into and conversations about a range of challenges that impact your clients’ wellbeing, change readiness and ability to achieve full potential.

See the GLWS in action now with a suite of sample reports

If you are a leader, or a coach working with leaders, you can find out how the GLWS works in practice by reviewing our suite of reports. Sign up here to get instant access.

Develop your wellbeing toolkit and grow your executive coaching business further with GLWS

With GLWS data at your fingertips, you can drive change across a wide range of common executive coaching goals, such as:

People leadership
Career transition
Stakeholder engagement
Building resilience
Conflict resolution
Stress management & burnout
Use GLWS to ignite more responsible, positive and compassionate leadership qualities in your clients as well as greater personal wellbeing, enhanced resilience and sustained high performance.
Use GLWS to ignite more responsible, positive and compassionate leadership qualities in your clients as well as greater personal wellbeing, enhanced resilience and sustained high performance.
Dr Órla NicDomhnaill, Chief Executive Officer, Thrive Advisory, shares how she facilitates awareness, insights and actions with her client teams  and how the GLWS helps her to do so.

"The GLWS is an exceptional tool that not only broadened my understanding knowledge and skill in this area but perfected my coaching approach and connection with the client. I can’t recommend this tool and accreditation highly enough."

Cheryl Waters, GM Organisational Development and Culture, Greencross Ltd, Australia

"GLWS provides a thorough framework to approaching wellness in a corporate context, and creates a great platform to have meaningful conversations with clients that will enhance both the business results for the organization, as well as their personal lives."

Alice Gustavsson, Executive Coach, Strategy Together, UK.

"The range of aspects of wellbeing covered by the GLWS survey is very thorough and useful for those working within organisations, especially from mid-level leadership roles upward. The approach of considering both "Working Well" and "Living Well" allows people to consider the trade-offs, pinch-points, and also their wellbeing enablers in useful detail."

Pam Wilson, Independent Coach, New Zealand

"The GLWS is such a useful tool and the quality of supporting resources exceeds my expectations."

Sharon Steiner Hart, Executive Coach, Talking Talent, USA

"The GLWS is excellent – outstanding in its class, and the best wellbeing survey I know of (for leaders and professionals)."

Bo Golovan, Executive Coach, BPI Group, USA

"The GLWS is thorough and considered and not glib like the usual. It’s also not so long that it is too hard or too big a commitment for busy people. It’s bias free and creates a genuine openness for leaders to reflect on their thoughts, feelings and behaviours without feeling the pressure of preconceived assumptions, expectations or judgements. It’s a powerful tool to help each individual figure out their personal non-negotiables at this stage in their lives."

Cassandra Goodman, Executive Coach & Facilitator, Thrive Global / Author, Self-Fidelity.

"The certification process was very straightforward and the tool itself is so robust, intuitive and well designed. I appreciate the personalized attention, responsiveness and support from the GLWS team."

Sarah Gourley, Director of Operations, Talking Talent USA

"I found the GLWS accreditation training extremely valuable, particularly in its breadth and depth. It gives me confidence as it is has been developed through comprehensive psychologically based scientific development, research and robust trialling where the competition stakes similar claims but do not deliver."

Peter Kellaway, Principal Consultant Psychologist, Steople (PeopleScape) Australia & NZ

"The GLWS accreditation program was an excellent self-paced process. The program enabled me the time and space to not only reflect on my own well-being, but also access to amazing resources to truly appreciate the depth and validity of the survey."

Marion Stanway, Tripleconnect Consulting, Associate Melbourne Business School, Australia.

"Level 1 provided me with great professional and personal development - useful knowledge and new expertise, interesting self-insights with excellent breadth and depth of course content. I really loved the debriefing aspect of the program doing it live and the preparation. Loved the end webinar for that brought our so many ideas and possible solutions for my organisation."

Cheryl Waters, GM Organisational Development and Culture, Greencross Ltd, Australia

"This was an excellent program – very well structured and exceeded my expectations. The GLWS is an excellent tool and process, providing for deep reflection and valuable insights into all aspects of wellbeing."

John White, Director CarmanWhite, Australia

"I have really valued EEK & SENSE’s approach of working closely with their accredited partners to ensure great outcomes for clients. I would recommend the GLWS accreditation to any coach who wants to build their skills, expand their service offering, and enhance the wellbeing and performance of their clients."

Andi Pert – Facilitator & Executive Coach, Life NRG

"After considerable market research I chose the GLWS program as it was definitely a unique offering that stood out from other diagnostic tools. Completing the GLWS accreditation allowed me to expand my qualifications and provided me with a tool that would add considerable value to my business offering. The online accreditation process was a fantastic experience and Karen and the team were great throughout. Very excited to be on board!"

Melinda Fell, Talent & Coaching Consultant, MFC Consulting

"Individual leaders have experienced a highly personalised intervention, aimed at supporting them to take personal responsibility for making positive changes to enhance their wellbeing. As an organisation, I feel we are now well placed to create targeted wellbeing interventions to address the needs, giving us a better return on investment than simply applying a wellbeing ‘band aid’."

Sean Carroll, GM of People, Culture and Innovation, Australia Post

"GLWS was an important eye-opener, a pointed and timely prompt to make some changes I knew I needed to make….and I feel so much better for it now. Nearly 6 months have passed, and I am still reaping the benefits at a personal level and I can see the positive changes happening across my whole team."

Jen Delves, Head of People Services, QANTAS

"We are witnessing a huge increase in the need and demand for executive wellness. More and more my clients and I are discussing how they spend their time and energy and the difficulties they are experiencing with integrating personal, family and work commitments. The GLWS is invaluable."

Dr Órla NicDomhnaill, CEO, Thrive Advisory

"What has been so powerful for the participants is how tangible the outcomes are. The GLWS allows you to fast-track the coaching conversation and immediately identify which aspects of wellbeing need attention. The conversation very quickly becomes about brainstorming actions that will improve overall wellbeing. It’s such a positive and empowering tool."

Lauren Jauncey, (former) Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Australia Post

"The GLWS accreditation workshop was extremely valuable. I learned about the GLWS model and reports in-depth, and through case studies and the experience of Karen and Audrey, gained great ideas for handling more challenging wellbeing concerns. All in all, the day was informative, practical and very enjoyable. Thank you."

Caoimhe Richmond, Capability Consulting

Join the 350+ accredited coaches using GLWS in executive coaching scenarios worldwide

Join the 350+ accredited coaches using GLWS in executive coaching scenarios worldwide