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GLWS eLearning – how it works

Undertaking our accreditation courses via eLearning is simple and easy. We will guide you on how to access the course via our portal and then you work through the various topics at your own pace. You have three months to finish your accreditation, after which you’ll have ongoing access to the accreditation resources.

GLWS™ Level 1 eLearning Program

You will start by completing your own GLWS survey and having a virtual debrief of your GLWS Personal Report with one of our team.   

Once you are up and running with your log-in to the course, you will be able to work at your own pace through a series of well structured, wide-ranging and engaging  topics relevant to the GLWS and your future skilled usage.

These topics include insights into how and why the GLWS was developed, useful ways of thinking about wellbeing and mental health in organisations, the challenges in assessing and developing individuals’ wellbeing, the principles that underpin best practice usage of the GLWS, two real-life case studies and some helpful demonstration videos by one of the tool’s authors conducting a challenging GLWS debrief.

You will also complete a real-life GLWS debrief yourself, and we guide you through preparing for this session, providing  feedback and guidance before you start. Additionally, you will cover how to position and apply the GLWS within a coaching or individual context, and how to develop a value proposition and business case for its usage.

Finally, we reconnect with you in person (via webinar) to review your progress, help with any final questions, share some of our latest research findings and ensure you are feeling ready and raring to get started using  the GLWS . 

All up, it’s about 10-12  hours of your time, exactly the same as it would be if you were to attend the Face to Face Workshops, only self-paced at times to suit your schedule.

Start your GLWS eLearning journey now


Completion of the GLWS survey, and your own GLWS Personal Report, including a virtual debrief by one of the GLWS team (or fellow coach on in-company programs)


Access to  MyGLWS – a dedicated online resource for the GLWS accredited community with coaching tips, business development / marketing resources and all the information you need to support your use of the GLWS Personal Report with your clients


3 months’ unlimited access to complete our online course material, and upon  successful certification ongoing unlimited access (in accordance with Terms & Conditions)


Complimentary additional trial of the GLWS survey and Personal Report for you to conduct with 1 person after you have completed your course


Ongoing support and guidance from the GLWS client services team at every stage of the course

A detailed overview of Level 1 eLearning can be accessed here.

GLWS™ Level 2 eLearning Program
AVAILABLE in September 2020

This course takes a deep dive into the use of the GLWS Team and Group Reports, using case studies and real examples to describe how to apply the GLWS to team interventions and leadership development programs.


Optional repeat completion of the GLWS (if  6+ months have elapsed since prior completion) and provision of your GLWS Personal Report


Access to  further support materials on MyGLWS – specifically designed to support you in promoting and facilitating Team Wellbeing events and Leadership Development sessions


3 months’ unlimited access to complete our online course material, and upon  successful certification ongoing unlimited access (in accordance with Terms & Conditions)


One to one coaching on the use of your first GLWS Team or Group Wellbeing report post accreditation


Ongoing support and guidance from the GLWS team at every stage of the course

A detailed overview of Level 2 eLearning can be accessed here.

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Investment for the GLWS™ eLearning Programs

Discounts available for multiple bookings made at the same time from within one organisation – please email us with details of how many people, whether you are interested in Level 1 or 2 or both, which country participants are based in and when you would ideally want them to start their accreditation. 

"I left the accreditation program feeling well prepared and well supported to use the GLWS. The GLWS Team are amazingly generous, providing lots of useful resources on the second day to help us incorporate the GLWS into our leadership development programs. Such a powerful tool, and a worthwhile investment of my time!"

Priya Gwynne | CSIRO L&D Consultant, Australia

“Loved the flexible nature of the day to suit the group’s knowledge and experience; the depth of the materials and your mastery of the wellbeing area”

Hayden Fricke | Managing Director PeopleScape, M.A Org PSYCH, Australia

“Completing the GLWS Accreditation online was straightforward and easy to follow. I was especially pleased to have quick access to the GLWS authors and team – they guided me through the process and enhanced my learning. Really convenient for me to be able to complete stage by stage in this way and also a great way of learning.I have found GLWS a very meaningful tool personally and for my team. It helps us focus on how we can continue to improve our wellbeing and engagement” .

Madeleine Price | Head of Talent & Succession Planning Asia, Manulife, Hong Kong

“Completing the GLWS e-learning program, I found the combination of self-paced learning and live interaction with the GLWS team particularly helpful. It’s well-structured, practical and gave me the knowledge and confidence to immediately introduce the survey to my clients. I can highly recommend both the GLWS and the program”

Julia Henderson | Leadership Transition Coach, 4ward focus, UK

"IECL (a GrowthOps business) worked with the fabulous GLWS team to accredit a number of our coaches in the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS). We love the tool because it is evidence-based, accessible and affordable for our clients. The GLWS team are highly credible and delightful to work with. A highly valued partnership!"

Renee Holder | Coaching Practice Lead, Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL), Australia

"The accreditation process for the GLWS was enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and also fun. The GLWS team are wonderful facilitators and skilled in passing on their in-depth knowledge of wellbeing in organisations. For anyone looking for an evidence based tool with a great learning experience the GLWS accreditation is something I would highly recommend. A fantastic tool, with a wonderful learning experience and great ongoing support."

Simon Popley | Director – Coaching Leadership Pty Ltd, Australia

Need more information?

Need more information?