GLWS Starter Pack


Designed to kick-start your use of GLWS surveys, the GLWS Starter Pack is an exclusive offer redeemable only immediately after Accreditation is completed.

The GLWS Starter Pack contains 5 x GLWS Surveys and Personal Reports at a 10% discounted rate (redeemable with your supplied discount code) – enabling you to skip straight to the first 10% discount tier.

AND for the purposes of your continuing professional development, it also includes one of the best of our professional development resources, the Wellbeing Strategies & Action Guide (WSA)*.  

*WSA is provided as a free download via an interested reader license.  Not for reprint or distribution to clients.

AUD $1,825.00



Interested Reader – One download of the full eBook for a single user for private use only. No sharing, no copy/paste/editing/modification, print once. Not permitted to make copies of the product or portions thereof. No resale or distribution.