GLWS Assessment Systems


The resources that GLWS offers are exhaustive; the coaching guide is outstanding; their support is generous and despite the course being online, it still felt personable as I knew there were real people at GLWS to help and provide guidance.

Anne Bartlett, Executive Coach


The e-learning was really easy to navigate, and the approach to learning was a good balance of theory and practise. Marisa and the team provided great support throughout the process, and I feel confident of their ongoing support as I begin to use the GLWS.

Bri Hayllar, Psychologist, Transitioning Well


"I recently completed the e-learning Level 1 accreditation and found the whole program very valuable. Easy access to the videos and slides meant I could dip in and out as needed and refresh my understanding and knowledge of wellbeing throughout the program.

The quizzes, learning activities, feedback and support embedded my learning and built my confidence to use the GLWS in my coaching practice. It has changed the way I view my own life and the approach I take with my clients. And the real bonus was I could do it in my own time and at a pace that suited me."

Bernadette Durrell, Coach, Amalfi Coaching

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