Elevating Leadership & Wellbeing: A New Coaching Approach

Supporting leaders to improve their leadership capabilities and achieve a balanced and sustainable work-life integration


In an era where the demands on professionals and leaders are ever-increasing, we offer a solution that intersects leadership, culture, and wellbeing. Our evidence-based coaching program is designed to mitigate the risks, challenges and opportunities that today’s leaders face, and provide them with the skills and strategies to work and live sustainably.

Together, let’s redefine and develop what it means to be a successful leader in today’s world.


The Need

Today’s professional landscape is complex and demanding, leading to stress, burnout, and a re-evaluation of work-life balance. Our aim is to support leaders across industries by identifying their unique needs and circumstances, in order to redress the imbalances that impact on their performance, personal wellbeing and leadership capability.


Our Solution

Our targeted program pairs each individual with a qualified coaching practitioner for a series of three confidential 1:1 coaching sessions scheduled over a 3-month period. These sessions can be conducted in person or virtually and can be augmented where required.

The Process

Our coaching program structure involves five key stages:


Coaching Briefing: Covers aspects important to get right from the outset – background context, focus areas, desired outcomes, confidentiality boundaries and meeting protocols. 


Leadership & Wellbeing Diagnostics: Involves completion of high quality, accurate, leadership and wellbeing self-assessment diagnostics which remain confidential between the leader and their coach.


Coaching Sessions: Includes 3 x 90 minute 1:1 confidential coaching conversations designed to explore current reality, identify areas for change, provide techniques and strategies, and develop new habits.


Coaching Review & Next Steps: Evaluates impact of progress and impact of coaching, and provides recommendations for offboarding strategies to sustain changes and support.


Diagnostic Re-evaluation: Offers option of re-evaluation to determine progress and ensure sustained focus on identified areas and strategies for change.

The Advantages of Our Approach


Personalised Coaching: Each leader is paired with a coach based on their individual needs, seniority, industry sector preferences and budget ensuring a personalised and effective coaching experience. Our coaches are all experienced in leadership, wellbeing, organisational dynamics, and executive coaching.  Many of our coaches are also registered psychologists who can provide both leadership coaching as well as an additional layer of therapeutic or mental health support if needed.


Data-Driven and Person-Centred Approach: The use of only the highest quality leadership diagnostics ensures that a scientific and data-driven methodology is utilised to identify specific leader needs and opportunities. This ensures that precise and effective strategies to enhance and sustain leadership performance and wellbeing are identified, following a comprehensive evaluation of the individual’s professional and personal life circumstances using the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS®).


The Outcomes For Leaders


Improved Leadership Skills: Our program is designed to help individuals build the agility necessary for sustainable leadership and performance in today’s complex professional landscape. Leaders will learn specific habits, actions and strategies to improve their leadership capabilities with an emphasis on developing their vision and purpose, judgement and wisdom, connection and providing clarity, acceptance and adaptability.


Enhanced Personal Wellbeing: Our holistic approach guarantees greater self-awareness of personal wellbeing enhancers, stressors and opportunities for change, and ensures that leaders can achieve their desire for a balanced and sustainable work-life integration.


Enhanced Organisational Performance: By investing in their wellbeing and prioritising some time to consider their personal growth and self-actualization needs, leaders will inevitably improve their performance, decision-making, and relationships at work. This not only benefits the individual leader but also contributes to the overall success outcomes of their team and organisation. And often their families will thank us too.


What participating leaders say...



The GLWS wellbeing program has been life changing… I have gained so much more out of it than I ever imagined. This has come just in time for me. I can see now that I was on the verge of burnout.

This program has absolutely helped me and I would highly recommend it to any organisation, people leader or employee.

I really love the GLWS framework and how talented my coach was in drilling down on specific points and probing.

The GLWS is an exceptional tool that broadened my understanding, knowledge and skills in this area. I can’t recommend this tool and program highly enough.

It’s bias-free and creates a genuine openness for leaders to reflect on their thoughts, feelings and behaviours without feeling the pressure of preconceived assumptions, expectations or judgements. It’s a powerful tool to help each individual figure out their personal non-negotiables at this stage in their lives.

This was an excellent program – very well structured and it exceeded my expectations. The GLWS is an excellent tool and process, providing for deep reflection and valuable insights into all aspects of wellbeing.

– A selection of unsolicited, anonymous feedback from participating senior leaders from the banking and finance sector



Our program starts from $4,450+GST.

Please contact us for detailed pricing information based on your explicit needs.

We invite you to partner with us in this journey towards sustainable leadership and wellbeing.

Let’s redefine what it means to be a successful leader in today’s world.


Available for individuals and leadership teams


This program is available as an immediate 1:1 intervention for individual leaders requiring support or as a program for a leadership team/cohort.

To explore possibilities and receive a quote, you can book a 15 minute call with us or get in touch via email.