GLWS Reach Coaching for Wellbeing Masterclass


Become equipped with the latest knowledge, frameworks and tools to confidently improve the way you personally work and live for better wellbeing and for the benefit of your teams and coaching clients.

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This program is suitable for anybody who is personally or professionally interested in understanding and enhancing wellbeing, mental health, resilience, productivity and sustainable high performance. Those with a high level of existing employee wellbeing capabilities will find it a powerful strategic summary. Those who are looking to develop their understanding will benefit from this thoughtfully curated set of frameworks, insights and practical tools.


Discount codes are available for GLWS accredited certified practitioners and some nominated coaching providers.  Please enter your provided discount code on the purchase page or contact us for assistance 


Online learning will be deemed to have commenced once you have been enrolled in the program. Upon enrolment, no cancellation or refund will apply after this time. Anyone enrolled in the course but who does not access or complete the program within 60 days is not eligible for a refund, cancellation or postponement. If the program was purchased by accident or in error please contact us immediately to arrange a refund, less $25pp handling fee and any bank charges that may apply.


What’s the program agenda? A detailed program overview is provided here.

Do I have to be available at any specific times or dates? No, this program is entirely self-paced and you undertake it at times that work for you.

What do I need to be able to do this program? You will need to have good access to the internet and a PC or tablet – see Technical Requirements.

Do I need to have prior learning or skills as an employee wellbeing expert? No. This program caters for a wide variety of existing knowledge and prior learning.

Who developed this program? This program was developed by registered psychologists who have decades of experience within an organisational context helping individuals, teams and businesses to thrive. The instructional material is narrated by Audrey McGibbon, CEO of EEK & SENSE.

Is there any group work? There is no compulsory group work. If you are completing the program as part of an intact team or broader development program being offered by your colleague, there may be some additional facilitated sessions or peer support available. Please check with your employer.

Are there any live webinars? There are no live webinars. Everything is pre-recorded and supported with extensive materials to enable you to progress at your own pace and spend as much or as little time on each topic as interests you.

There’s a lot of resources and materials in the program. Do I have to do them all? No. The program has been developed and curated with the expectation that individual learners will have different levels of interest and time available to complete different Lessons and Topics. To gain the most benefit from the program, we recommend full completion but we do not mandate it. If your employer is funding the program on your behalf, please check with them regarding their expectations and requirements.

Can I share my log-in access to the program with anyone else? No, sorry! This would be a breach of our terms and conditions.

I like a lot of your slides and materials, can I use them for a purpose other than my own personal development? No, sorry – or at least, not as part of your program enrolment! All course materials on this program are subject to strict copyright conditions. However, we do permit some licensing of our materials for use internally within an organisation, and we would be happy to provide a quotation for this. Please contact us here .

How long does it take to complete this program? How long is a piece of string?! The whole program contains about 2+ hours of video material and various other articles and activities we recommend you engage with. Depending on how extensively you commit to these activities, completing the whole program in its entirety will take most people around 3 hours – but this does vary significantly.

Does the program expire or does my enrolment last forever? Is there a deadline? Your enrolment on this program will expire after 60 days and beyond this time, access will not be possible. Please ensure you have completed everything you wish to complete by this time. If your employer has requested that you complete this program, please check what expectation and requirement they have of you in relation to any internal deadlines.

What support do I receive? The GLWS team is always on the end of an email to assist with any difficulties you may have in following the instructions or accessing the materials. Our standard office hours are 9-5pm AEST Monday-Friday. Unfortunately, it is not possible as part of this program to receive one to one tuition, coaching or guidance regarding the concepts or tools contained in the program, nor to enter into any communications regarding your wellbeing.

If I wanted to get coaching on my wellbeing, or get coaching for my team, can you help? Yes, we have an extensive team of associate coaches and facilitators who can provide a variety of coaching, wellbeing and leadership development programs, or team and conference facilitation sessions as an additional service following completion of this program. Please contact us here so we can discuss your needs and what options will work best for you.

Technical Requirements

We recommend ensuring your system has the following before embarking on this course:

  • Windows version 10 and above
  • Mac OS X MacOS 10.12 and above
  • Browsers: An updated version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome