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In the past few years, GLWS has conducted extensive research on the gender well-being gap and the effects of hybrid work arrangements on stress and mental health. In 2023, Audrey Mcgibbon shared her insights on these topics across various media platforms, including her recurring segment on Disrupt Radio, where she delved into GLWS’s research findings. Through these efforts, she raised awareness and engaged in discussions surrounding the research findings.

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Taming the Holiday Season Stress

28 November 2023

Audrey McGibbon joins Disrupt Radio to discuss the end-of-year stress caused by the holiday season. Audrey explores strategies for alleviating this phenomenon and promoting employee wellbeing.

Disrupt Radio LinkedIn Discussion

November 2023

Audrey McGibbon thanks Disrupt Radio for featuring her on the show in recent weeks, while also teasing some of her favourite insights from discussions with George McEnroe in last week’s show.

How can HR support employees experiencing social anxiety?

4 October 2023

Audrey McGibbon is interviewed about the rising issue of social anxiety in the workplace. Audrey describes how certain work settings can exacerbate symptoms of social anxiety, and provides insight into what factors contribute to a negative workplace. 

Addicted to the Grind

13 September 2023

Audrey McGibbon is interviewed by Kate Neilson on HRM Online to discuss the prevalence of work addiction among certain industries and personality types, emphasising the risks associated.

The Impacts of Working Remotely

30 May 2023

Carly, one of GLWS’ accredited psychologists, highlights how the allure of working from home often belies its challenges. She outlines how the blurring of boundaries between work and personal life can lead to a dangerous spill-over effect. 

Safely Managing Workplaces Crises

14 November 2023

This week on Disrupt Radio, Audrey offers an answer to the question – how do you manage a critical incident within the workplace, and simultaneously ensure the wellbeing of you staff? 

How to tell if you have a workaholic on your team

30 October 2023

Audrey McGibbon is interviewed by Kate Neilson in HR Monthly to discuss GLWS data insights and the prevalence of work addiction in the hybrid work context. 

Addressing Workplace Dysfunction

27 September 2023

In this week’s segment on Disrupt Radio, Audrey McGibbon addresses organisational challenges and leadership dynamics, exploring their implications and the potential management strategies. 

Exploring Gender Wellbeing in the Workplace

10 September 2023

Audrey McGibbon joins Disrupt Radio to discuss mental stresses and strains in the workplace, particuarly focusing on the expanding gender wellbeing gap.

The Gender Wellbeing Gap LinkedIn Video

May 2023

Audrey McGibbon discusses the rising phenomenon of the gender wellbeing gap and shares results from GLWS’ recent insights paper. 

Recognising and Preventing Workaholism

7 November 2023

Audrey McGibbon returns to Disrupt Radio,  joining George McEnroe to explore how one can prevent overworking and instead recognise the signs of workaholism in others as well as ourselves.

How the Rate of Change impacts Anxiety

24 October 2023

This week on Disrupt Radio, Audrey discusses how a high rate of change strongly impacts anxiety. She emphasises the importance of ‘rest and digest’, and understanding what can help one relax and take their mind off intense stressors.

Managing underperformance has "insidious" impact on leaders

18 September 2023

Audrey McGibbon discusses the challenges leaders face in managing underperforming employees as well as the limited understanding of the impact of chronic underperformance.

The Issues of Workaholism

19 July 2023

Audrey McGibbon features on ABC Radio SOUTH WEST WA to discuss the potential for work to be as addictive as drugs or alcohol. Audrey explores this “inner compulsion” to work excessively, also offering strategies to manage and minimise work addiction.

The Impacts of Hybrid Work LinkedIn Video

May 2023

In this short 2-minute video, Audrey McGibbon speaks about the recent surge in hybrid working, as well as its impact on employees’ mental wellbeing. 

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