GLWS™ Level 2 eLearning Program


GLWS is the only holistic wellbeing measure to expedite insights into what impacts wellbeing, change readiness and the ability to achieve full potential at work and in life.

Taking bookings for the September 2020 intake now.


  • Optional repeat completion of the GLWS
  • 3 months’ unlimited access to our online course material
  • Coaching on the use of your first GLWS Team or Group Wellbeing report post accreditation

A detailed overview of Level 2 eLearning can be accessed here.

AUD $1,095.00

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Is this program right for you?

LEVEL 2 GLWS accreditation requires that you have successfully completed Level 1 Accreditation.
Your registration is conditional upon acceptance of your eligibility by EEK & SENSE.


Members of USCMA, COP, CIPG, ICF, EMCC or Chartered Occupational Psychologist with the BPS or ABP qualify for a further 10% discount. Lucky you! Enter the discount code PROF20 at checkout. Since we’d hate for anyone to be embarrassed (you or us) membership must be current to qualify…and we do usually check!


The full course fee will be charged at the time of registration. In the event of cancellation and/or re-scheduling, and/or not meeting our eligibility criteria, EEK & SENSE reserve the right to apply the following terms:

    1. If you change your mind about completing the eLearning program and transfer to a face to face workshop, we will discuss any additional cost or refund with you. 
    2. If you change your mind about completing the GLWS accreditation after booking but prior to being given access to the MyGLWS site, we will provide a refund minus a 10% administration fee. 
    3. If you change your mind about completing the GLWS accreditation after being given access to MyGLWS, no refunds will be given.
    4. Aspects of the eLearning program require booking time with one of the GLWS team –  either for a debrief on your own GLWS report and/or the final session of the program. We request that you avoid any cancellations or rescheduling of these sessions once booked.


How long does it take to complete the eLearning program? Completing the content of the course takes between 10-12 hours of your time in total. However, you should  allow a longer period of elaspsed time and for your practice person to complete the survey. You  have to fit the debrief session into their schedule. This can result in 1-2 weeks passing easily. We recommend you think about who will be your practice person early on and seek their agreement to this. We encourage you to identify someone who will have time to complete the survey (15 minutes) and participate in the debrief (90 minutes). Most people complete the course within 4-6 weeks of starting. We require it to be completed within 3 months at the most. And if you are in a rush, it is possible to get it done within a week! 

Who should be my practice person? We recommend that you select a colleague or associate or client or potential client – someone who is likely to be interested in the field of wellbeing and will gain something from the experience. We don’t recommend you ask close family members or anyone that you think may be feeling very stressed or burned-out (these can be challenging and you might prefer an ‘easier’ option for your first debrief!). 

How is the program structured? Please download the Client Overview of the eLearning program here

What support do I receive? The GLWS team is always on the end of an email to assist with any questions you may have. There are also parts of the eLearning program when we will interact directly with you to either a) do a debrief on your own GLWS report and/or b) finish off the program with a Q &A session. In addition, we will review some of your work submitted as part of your coursework and provide written feedback.

How do I get started? Once you have completed the booking, payment and registration form, one of the GLWS team will contact you to confirm your acceptance on the program and ask you to review and sign the GLWS Terms and Conditions of Use. We will then send you a link to complete GLWS for yourself and once this is done, we will schedule a time for your debrief. We will also send you the link to access the online learning materials and an access code.